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 This is a letter sent to "Texas Department of Aging & Disability" and "Texas State Board of Nursing" from patient's son on 12/29/11 regarding Your Health Team and Gaila Ellis, RN. Mr. Cook has given us permission to share his letter with you:

I write you today to express my great appreciation and utmost acclamation for the above referenced health care service and RN. Our family has been using Your Health Team, LLC in Kaufman for a few years now, and I must say that I have never been less than impressed with their operation, follow up, service and communication with our family while dealing with my aging mother. This along with the dedicated and caring service that each of their staff has provided us to us has been exemplarily. I wish to single out one RN in particular, Ms. Gaila Ellis. My mother had a regular scheduled visit from this RN on this past Monday morning. Mother was coming down with bronchitis (which as you know is never a good thing with the elderly). Ms. Ellis contacted me at once and we both concurred quickly that she should go the hospital to be on the safe side. Later that evening, she was released, and everything was thought to be under control. After getting mother back at her home and settled that evening, I left and was to check on her at lunch the next day. Ms. Ellis, while in the area, decided to make an unscheduled stop just to check in on mother. Thank God she ded. Mother had a relapse as well as adverse reaction to medication that had rendered her on the floor, conscious, but unable to move or get up. Ms. Ellis contacted me at once, as well as the ambulance service. Being so close to mothers residence, I was able to make it there the same time the paramedics ded. I could see in Ms. Ellis's demeanor that she was just as concerned about my mother as a family member would be. This not only touched my heart but confirmed what a great health care service we have in Your Health Team that hires and promotes such professionals as Ms. Ellis. If it were not for the action of Ms. Ellis, checking on mother before I was too, and taking the action that she did, there is no telling the condition that mother would be in. Mother has since been admitted to the hospital, recovering well, and expected to be released in the next 2-3 days. Again, my thanks and appreciation to Your Health Team and Ms. Gaila Ellis, RN. Two wonderful examples of the fine performances in the industry.


Marcus Cook 







  Here are some testimonials from our patients:


“Extremely pleased with Your Health Team and all staff. They have been very caring, concerned and considerate at all times. A wonderful group of people. Thank you” Maurice H. Jan 2015 CAHPS survey comment


“Your Health Team has literally helped saved my life! They sent us the best of the best professionals. Thanks so much!” Lyndal H. Jan 2015 CAHPS survey comment


“I want to thank all the ladies that helped me with all my exercises and got me back on my feet. They were all very nice and friendly” Thomas R. Jan 2015 CAHPS survey comment


“Always very nice. They always called ahead” Mae S. Jan 2015 CAHPS survey comment


“Over the last 10 yrs, we’ve used 3 different home health agencies. Of those 3 agencies, this company Your Health Team, is the only one that I would enthusiastically recommend to family and friends. We are so impressed with the care.” Ryan C. Feb 2015 CAHPS survey comment


“Due to the faithful and consistent form of exercises, I am making great progress. I deeply appreciate the professional help” Helen C. March 2015 CAHPS survey comment