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“Your Health Team LLC” complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate

on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

Serving patients in Kaufman, Dallas and surrounding counties since 2004


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David Bramlet, RN  awarded

"Employee of the Year 2016"


Congratulations to David Bramlet, RN, for being awarded the "Employee of the Year" Moore Award for 2016. 
The "Moore" award was named after nurse Randy Moore who was the first and only nurse who saw patients for YHT back in 2004 when we first opened. Randy set the bar for dedication, loyality, professionalism, and superior care for our patients so we named our yearly "Employee of the Year" award for him. David has been a part of our team since 2015.
David is an RN who sees patients in the Kaufman and Dallas areas. He is highly respected by his co-workers, patients and physicians alike.

Thank you David for your dedication to YHT, our patients and their families and always giving "Moore".


Thank you for voting us "Favorite Home Healthcare Agency 2016"! 

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Sij, Our Medical Director, for being voted "Favorite Doctor"


Our mission to provide high quality, compassionate health care to patients in their homes.  Our services will promote independence, dignity, choice, privacy and individuality in meeting healthcare needs and preferences of our patients. 
“Your Health Team” is introducing you to our statement of commitment and dedication to you and our mutual patients. Home healthcare is a service we believe in and we want to assure each of our colleagues that we are dedicated wholeheartedly to our promise to deliver and perform the highest standards of care.  You will immediately notice the difference in our team approach to caring for your patients. We treat each patient with respect and dignity along with teaching them to manage their disease. We will keep you updated as to any change in the patient’s condition or any other issues that may arise. We become part of “your office” and you will always know how your patient is doing. Every patient not only has an RN case manager in the field, but an RN clinical supervisor in our office as well who is available to you and your staff at all times. We are giving you this written promise that each and every patient will experience communication, loyalty, trust, dignity and independence.
We offer the following services to patients in Kaufman, Dallas, Henderson, Van Zandt, Rockwall and Hunt counties:
Skilled nursing
Psychiatric nursing
Lab draws in home and on site PT/INR checks by Inratio machine
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Medical Social Worker
Certified Nurses Aides (Home Health Aides)



 Medicare pays for home healthcare 100%

To qualify for home health services, patient must homebound and services ordered by a qualified phsyician. Contact our office or your physician to see if you or a loved one qualifies following an illness, hospitalization, or recent ER visit.  




"Your Health Team" will work closely with you and your physician to customize your plan of care on your road to recovery. We will start your home health service with your physician's referral:
* Following a hospital stay
* Having an illness or injury which does not require hospitalization
* To teach on a new diagnosis such as the disease process, diet, exercise program, or medications
* Managing diabetic care
* Managing the healing of a wound

What our patients are saying....

“I have always found these people and their services to be exceptional!” Alma S. April 2015 CAHPS survey comment

 “You have an excellent team. I was really impressed! I’ve never had home healthcare so really didn’t know what to expect. I truly looked forward to their visits!”

Betty W. April 2015 CAHPS survey comment

“Your Health Team has been a great provider of home health services. They have provided the best of care” Eva W. May 2015 CAHPS survey comment

 “Home health care and its employers give superior services. I am very pleased with them and the services they provide.” Marion B. May 2015 CAHPS survey comment

 “My home health agency was wonderful to me after I came home from the hospital. They are the Best!” Marrilou G. May 2015 CAHPS survey comment

“All of the people who came to the house were very helpful in every way” Dorothy K. June 2015 CAHPS survey comment

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!” Jeanine B. June 2015 CAHPS survey comment

 “Always great care” Eric C. June 2015 CAHPS survey comment

 “My care has been the best anyone could provide! My gratitude and thanks to Gaila and Amber who were very good” Patricia C. June 2015 CAHPS survey comment

 “We have excellent care from this agency. Both the nurses and staff are consistently caring and competent” Clarence H. Sept 2015 CAHPS survey comment

 “Good people, good service!” Janice C. Sept 2015 CAHPS survey comment

“I could not have gotten better or more professional care from a home health team. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!” Jimmie B. Nov 2015 CAHPS survey comment