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We want to say thanks to Cherell Hutcherson, RN from YHT. Cherell joined our team in 2008 as a field RN and psych nurse and came into our office a few years later and worked as a Clinical Supervisor supervising all field staff and responsible for managing patient care. Cherell is taking her much deserved retirement at the end of 2016. We will certainly miss her smile, her laughter and sunny disposition every day but wish her the very best in now having the time to do the things that she loves to do! She has agreed to see patients for us occasionally so she won't be far away!

Happy Retirement Cherell! You will be missed.



Among her many accomplishments, Cherell was selected as "Employee of the Year in 2015"

Those of us lucky enough to be in the Home Health field, have probably heard by now about the demonstration being planned by CMS in Texas beginning in December 2016. The "Pre-Claim Review" demonstration will be devasting to home health agencies and patients. It will put added burden on agencies with more paperwork, delay care to patients, and possibly put many agencies out of business. Everyone in homecare is passionate about what we do and the valuable services we provide to patients and their families. Our agency "Your Health Team" is starting a letter writing campaign urging our congressman, Senator Cruz, Senator Cornyn, Representative Hensarling and President Obama to stop this program. There are better more efficient ways to curtail fraud and abuse rather than punish all providers which is what this program will do. If you would like to join us in our campain and help protect Medicare patients access to home healthcare, please contact your Congressman today and ask him to stop the CMS Pre-Claim Review Demonstration. If you would like to sign our letter, please complete the contact form and we will email one to you. We will need everyone's help in this effort. CMS does not respond well to home care agency concerns, but politicians DO respond to voters!

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